Contact Lenses

Dr. Tilson enjoys fitting contact lenses for all ages, from the most basic of fits that correct myopia and hyperopia, to the most challenging and complicated cases that treat astigmatism.

In fact, now is the best time to consider contact lenses, whether it's the first time, or, for patients who previously quit due to poor comfort. New contact lens materials are available, as well as a new generation of contact lens solutions that help to provide all day comfort by increasing wettability and decreasing dryness for an improved contact lens wearing experience.

In addition, a new generation of contact lenses are available for patients who wear bifocals and progressive lens eyeglasses. They are available in flexible wear schedules, including daily, two week and monthly wear cycles.

Our office fits the latest soft disposable contact lenses from the most innovative contact lens companies, including:

Bausch & Lomb